Ready to Subscribe to MySpace Music?

  Ahh, remember back in the early 2000′s when Napster was the rage.

What???  I said in the amazement, you actually download music for free!?!

 It was like Christmas in July for music geek like me; however as we all know Napster ended up going away like the horse and carriage, but the damage was already done as record companies no longer held the grip of music access to consumers and the artists realized after awhile that didn’t need the record business as much as the record business realy needed them.

Since then, Apple’s Itunes rose for the ashes of Napster to create a great money making format for legal MP3′s, companies like MySpace Music are still trying to figure how to not only compete with Itunes, but also the illegal downloading sites around the web.

Early this month, MySpace owner News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch said that he will have the users to pay for the MySpace Music by the end of the year. MySpace Music has not been a great revenue generator for Murdoch and being the ultra capitalist, he is trying to find ways to make a profit.

MySpace Music president, Courtney Holt said there will still be free streaming music, but only time will tell if MySpace money making venture will succeed or fail.

Which begs the question: Would you pay to use MySpace or would you go to another source for music downloads?

Read the full article ‘Myspace Music For Subscription

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