What’s Your Klout?

Looking to find how much impact you have on Twitter? Try Klout.

In a nutshell, Klout gives you a snapshot who are as  a influencer, the people you are influences by as wellas opportunites to find people others whom you might want to connect. 

When I tested Klout , my classification was a “Conversationalist,  the descrption said:

“You love to connect and always have the inside scoop. Good conversation is not just a skill, it’s an art. You might not know it, but when you are witty, your followers hang on every word”.

For anybody who haven’t  me yet, that is me all day!!!

For more information about Klout go to www.klout.com

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at Lockettmedia@gmail.com or Twitter.com/kevinlockett
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