What’s My My Twifficency ? I Have No Idea!

The other night I get a tweet on my Virgin Mobile phone asking me if I knew my Twitter Efficiency.

 I had no idea.

Since I’ve decided to become more active in my Twitter conversations, I have embraced Twit measuring tools like Klout and Twitalyzer However Twitter Efficiency sounded like an enticing new tool to play around with, so I decided to give it shot.

When I loaded up the Twitter Efficiency site, it was very plain in nature.

No worries I thought to myself, Google has simple page and as we all know, Google might be plain on the outside, but full of digital media treasures on the inside.

The only thing on the page was a Twifficiency calculation box and this description: 

Then I received this message: “Your Twifficiency score is 39% You are doing well on Twitter, you are keeping up with your Tweets but could still do better.” 

That was it. 

There was no analysis or colorful graphics making me believe I was greatest Twitterer alive, just that I could better.  No tips, no suggestion, no case of turtle wax, just “, you are keeping up with your Tweets but could still do better.”

I wasn’t going to write about this site at all until I received these funny tweets from film critic Roger Ebert later that evening:

RT @ebertchicago My Twifficency score is 5%? I’m not reaching my full POTENTIAL? Try ENGAGING more? Twiffiency, your score is this finger. http://j.mp/c98xP4

RT @ebertchicago Has *anyone* received a good score from those jerks at Twifficiency?

I tweeted Mr. Ebert that my Twifficency score was 39%…I never heard from him.

 The moral of the story is that if you create a site that’s going analyze individual’s social media score, make sure that your analysis is more than “Try ENGAGING more”.

 This form of simplistic “analysis” enrages users and their disapproval can be tweeted faster than you can say Twifficency.

 If you are interested in finding tools to measure your Twitter progress, I recommended reading   Popular Tools To Measure Your Influence on Twitter by Woork Up Editor Antonio Lupetti

 Let me know your experience with Twifficency. Are you better than my 39% or scuffling at a Roger Ebert 5%?

Editor’s Note: Since posting this blog my Twifficency score is now 37%?!?!


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Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at Lockettmedia@gmail.com or Twitter.com/kevinlockett
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