Social Media on a Budget? Try Virgin Mobile for $25

I’m a social media guy on a budget.

Would I love have an iPhone?  Yes! 

Would a Droid be my new best friend?  You bet!

But pockets are not as deep as Bill Gates or even Bill the Mailman.

So  what do you do if you are a social media professional with limited funds?

Virgin Mobile has an answer for that…a $25 dollar plan.

A few months ago, Virgin Mobile launched an ambitious campaign where you get unlimited text , data, email and web, along with 300 minutes for $25 a month.

The plan is perfect for me, because it is not only cost effective but  the unlimited text plan allows me to my text posts/microblog quickly to Twitter, Facebook and Ping.Fm when I combine them with Tumblr.  

I currently use the LG Rumor 2, which I bought  on sale at  Best Buy for $50 (thank you mom for teaching me how to bargain shop) and since then I have been effectively to surf the net, do Twitter searches and fulfill my social media duties throughout the day and night.

The only downsides is that the speed of my Rumor 2 is not as fast as the iPhone, Droid or EVO, there isn’t a video feature and at times the internet mysteriously shuts down.

Also, if you are a person who talks more than 300 minutes a month you either have to watch your minutes to who are forced to pay more( $40 for 1200 minutes and  $60 for unlimited calls, which are both great deals since they also include the unlimited text , data, e mail and web).

However those issues aside, for social media practitioner like myself who is basically Ted Turner on a budget, Virgin Mobile is the best way to go….that is until my best friend Droid decides to give me a deal.

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3 Responses to Social Media on a Budget? Try Virgin Mobile for $25

  1. bruce says:

    i too just purchased my virgin mobile rumor 2, and as thrilled as i was at the thought of unlimited data and text messaging, i’m beginning to realize that even with this deal, you get what you pay for. first of all, the connect feature that’s being advertised as a way to access all your different social media services like facebook and twitter doesn’t even work. you gotta access it thru the web browser…also as of today, their whole network went down for text messages, (cont)

  2. bruce says:

    i’m still unable to send or receive texts as i type this. i hope vm gets their act together because this is unacceptable. so i recommend really taking a good look at user reviews in this regard if you happen to be considering making the transition to vm for this plan. there are a whole bunch of other issues i won’t even mention due to there being so many…

  3. slocket says:

    If you have more issues, post them. My text messages are okay, but I agree with you on the social networks. If you know more people who have the same issue, they can post their comments. I would like to send this post to Virgin and ask them about these issues. Thanks for your comments, they were very helpful.

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