Mad Men Goes Social Media with Casting Call

What happens when 2000 technology is stirred and chilled with 1960’s swagger and cigarettes?

You get  Banana Republic and AMC’s Mad Men Casting Call Contest.

Running from  July 21st to September 6th,  the contest ” provides entrants with the opportunity to submit photos of themselves showing their own Mad Men and Mad Women style.”

Matthew Weiner, the creator and executive producer of Mad Men will choose a Grand Prize winner from the top 20 vote getters and that person will receive a walk on role in Season 5 of Mad Men and a $1000.00 Banana Republic gift card (See rules).

Judging the by some of the photos, some people are fully embracing the Mad Men style, while others seem to be uploading  a pictures from a picnic.

But like most contests there is a glitch.

 To enter the contest you must  to go to Banana Republic  and either get the code from a  store associate  pick up the Mad Men Style Guide. There is no option to get the code online

From Banana Republic’s standpoint, this is a way to get patrons into their stores.

However, what if you don’t live near a Banana Republic or even shop at one? 

Although the gift card is an added bonus, I’m guessing that most people who are uploading these photos are more exicted about chance to meet Christina Hendricks, January Jones or the man himself Don Draper (played by John Hamm).

The contest would have been better served without a code at all or at least let the entrants sign up for a Banana Republic email or store text  to receive the code.

This glitch aside,  it is still great to see so many people putting forth their best Mad Men persona.   

Kudos for Banana Republic and AMC for ing up with great social media campaign.

Now if only I can find a retro cigarette lighter and fedora.

For more information go to

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