Branding101: How Playboy’s Tweeted My Birthday Playmate

I’m always fascinated in the many ways people use Twitter to engage their audience.  Today I received this tweet from Men’s Fitness:

mens_fitness: Want to know who the Playmate was when were born? Ask @Playboy, they’ll let you know.

Being the social media researcher that  I am, I sent a tweet to Playboy with my month and year of  birth.  A few minutes later Playboy responded:

Playboy  Nancy McNeil #NSFW RT @kevinlockett: @Playboy July 1969.

The tweet  included the  link to my birthday  playmate Nancy McNeil  (sorry folks, this is a PG-13 blog, but click here  to see the pictorial).

 To my amazement,  other people who had the same birthdate  retweeted the same message and I actually picked up followers from the Playboy tweet. 

This is a lesson to brands, you don’t have to create a major social media campaign to engage your audience.

Playboy was not only able to connect to their current and gain new followers on Twitter, but they exposed all of them to their vast catalog.

 In some ways this is like a mini version of the Old Spice Guy’s  campaign where he made personal messages for the general audience. 

Although Playboy’s birthdate tweets were not as personal Old Spice’s, their quick response along with the playmate  photograph  showed that they value their niche audience and its brand.

So remember, when it comes to social media, don’t overthink.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.

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  1. I like leaving comments on people’s blogs. I was amazed when I started commenting that it really did start to drive traffic back to my site and, more importantly, started to establish relationships with people. It’s a lot of fun and there are amazing people out there to meet.

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