American Idol Looks for Contestants on MySpace

  Think you have what it takes to be on American Idol?

Here’s your chance as the Fox hit ventures to social media land to find contestants for its 10th season.

From now until October 6th, American Idol will hold its first online auditions at , (Fox’s hot  show Glee tried to similar move earlier this year to find new cast mates, but the venture was mysteriously nixed.)

As with most Idol auditions,  contestants must be between  15 and 28 years old (for those a little bit more graceful in age, Simon Cowell’s show X-Factor  has no age limit.) 

Participants “should demonstrate their stellar singing ability by performing one of the songs from the approved list a Capella,” according to a Fox press release.

Contestants will sing the a Capella version of one of the  90 audition songs that were approved by American Idol.  The MySpace audition can last  no longer than 40 seconds.

Judging by the list the songs and  if I was in idol’s limiting age group, I am very confident that would be chosen to be sing in front Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and whomever else are judging this year.

Who can else can sing  Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana,” or Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Achy Breaky Heart”  better than me!?!

 For more information go to


American Idol | MySpace Video

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