CBS Goes Yahoo For Fall TV Digital Media Push

Today when I went to my Yahoo mail account, I saw a video clip for NCIS waiting for me.

Unlike most of America,  I barely watch NCIS, but CBS wanted to make sure that tonight was the night  that I should tune in.

Coincidence? Not quite.

CBS is buying advertising space on Yahoo’s services to promote their fall premiere week.

“Every fall we used to spend money with AOL, MSN, and Yahoo,” says George Schweitzer, president of CBS Marketing. “We’ve changed that strategy this year: We’re putting everything behind Yahoo.”

This is an interesting marketing campaign by CBS because a lot more people are online nowadays and why not go advertise where the people are?

It is not known how much money CBS paid Yahoo to advertise their fall TV shows, but you would think it had to be a lot.

Was it a smart move? Who knows?

Yahoo is still a great service, but as far as a search engine goes, Google is still the #1 search engine and Bing just leapfrogged over Yahoo to become #2.

CBS might have been smarter to spend money on all three search engines than just one.

Better yet, they could have spent less money on interesting social media campaigns using free platforms as Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

But you have to give CBS credit for at least being forward thinking and taking the digital marketing plunge.

Unfortunately for CBS, instead of watching NCIS , I will be watching the season premiere of Glee on Fox tonight.

The reason I remembered was because I received several tweets today  about Glee  that reminded me.

Note: Read 2010 Fall Season Update: CBS Takes over Yahoo for Premiere Week

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