Gawker & MediaBistro Helps “What Not To Wear” Find Fashioned Challenged Jounalist

Today I stopped by the professional news media site MediaBistro to check out some jobs when I saw a picture of Stacy London and Clinton Kelly

For folks who are more Monday Night Football than Project Runway, Stacy and Clinton are the hosts of TLC’s “What Not to Wear“.  

The long running TLC program helps women become more fashion conscious and maybe change their attitude towards life, (in the beginning guys were part of the equation, but I guess dudes did not want to be ridiculed by London and Kelly in the 360 degree mirror).

The reason that What Not To Wear made onto Mediabistro’s front page  is becasue  writer Ryan Derousseau  wrote about  Gawker‘s article  “What Not to Wear Seeking Frumpy Female Journalists”.

Here’s part of the email that was sent from a  What Not To Wear producer which was posted on MediaBistro and Gawker:

“We would love to feature a Female Journalist who stands out from the crowd and not in a good way!…Maybe she lost a lot of weight and no longer knows how to dress, maybe she is dressing too sexy and attracting the wrong men, maybe the way she dresses is keeping her from getting a promotion at work…We would love to help!”  

 (If you know somebody email and give him your friend’s details).

Although the email was sent to influential journalists, this gives me a chance to talk about Gawker. 

 If you’re new to blogging, Gawker is a great site to use a blueprint for your first blog.

Gawker is a niche site which is “the source for daily Manhattan media news and gossip”.  Their focus is clearly on celebrities and the media industry and they never stray from this mindset.

When you first begin to blog, don’t worry too much about creating a niche unless you have one in mind. Just work on how to build your blog and strengthen your skills as a writer.  

However, once you are ready, it’s important to focus on niche.

Focusing on a niche allows you to cater to audience that is either not being represented (“Doctors who love Star Trek”) or maybe you can find a niche within a niche, (ex. there are a ton of food blogs, but maybe there is a place for a blog for the many uses of vanilla extract)

If you become popular then you can easily branch out to different types of blogs, but most successful blogs including  Perez Hilton, Huffington Post or the National Football Post catered to a specific niche when they started and still stay loyal to that audience.

That’s probably why What Not To Wear producers contacted Gawker because of their  niche focus on Manhattan (which appeals to fashion types) and media (Gawker is one of the top media blogs in the country.)

So when you create your first blog focus on a niche; but when you become successful make sure you dress nice.

You don’t want to be nominated for this post:

“What Not to Wear is Looking for Successful Bloggers with Poor Fashion Sense”.

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