Five more years for Howard Stern, Future of Radio and Sim Cards

Today Howard Stern told his listeners that he has signed a five year deal that will keep him at Sirius XM for another five years.

For fans of Stern, this a great day. But Howard Stern’s announcement also is the beginning of the King of All Media’s next move.

Throughout Stern’s contract negotiations with Sirus XM, he routinley said the following:

1.)  the future of radio is whomever has exclusive content and 2.) Sim cards will play major role in car radio’s future.

Along with satelite radio, Howard Stern knows that vehicles are becoming more and more social network friendly and more importanlty, consumers want the choice to when and where they want listen their favorite song or program.

If a person has a vehicle which is SIM card ready, they can download Stern’s show on Itunes or the stream it from Pandora and listen to it going and coming from work.

The only glitch in the plans is that we are years away until most vehicles are SIM card ready.

Howard Stern didn’t give much details about his deal with Sirius XM, but he did say that his radio show will finally have an app, which is great for his fans who use BlackBerry and smart phones.

The move with the app is Howard Stern’s first step to distribute his exclusive content in multiple channels (iTunes maybe), which will only strengthen his title of King of All Media for the 21st century

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