Eminem Shines in 2011 Superbowl Commercials

This year’s Superbowl commercials were lackluster. While the little blue pill era seemed to disappear, there were far too many kicks to the head and other bodily areas.

A lot of fuss is being made about the Darth Vader commercial, its OK, but I was more impressed by Eminem’s surprisingly two commercials, especially his Chrysler commercial.

While Superbowl is a great played by millionaires for billionaires, the “Detroit” commercial reinforces that it is not who scores the most touchdowns that makes this country great, its the  hardworking men and women who struggle everyday to make a living…no matter if they buy a Chrysler or not.

Top Ten

10. Lipton Brisk: Eminem


9. Chevrolet: Cruze Eco Misunderstanding


8. Hyundai: Anachronistic City

7. Budweiser: Wild West


6.Doritos: Pug Attack

5. Doritos: House Sitting (Grandpa)

4. Teleflora: Help Me Faith (Hill)


3. Careerbuilder: Parking Lot (Monkeys)


.2 Chevrolet: Cruze (Facebook) Status


.1  Chrysler: Imported From Detroit (Eminem)

See: Groupon’s Superbowl Ad/Commercial: Bad Man, Very Bad

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