Social Media Week 2011: What Did You Accomplish This Past Year?

February 7-11 is officially “Social Media Week”.

 I haven’t heard of any events in my city of Akron, Ohio, so I started  to reflect on what I achieved social media wise this past year.

That’s pretty easy for me.

2010 was breakthrough for me, which was reminiscent of when I first learned about social media in 2008.  

This past year I became a citizen journalist for the Akron Digital Media Center, where I  learned how to shoot with HD Cannon cameras and edit video on Adobe Premiere.  

Before taking classes with the ADMC, I had three rules about shooting video: Stop, start and upload.  

Now I am more adept at my raw footage and editing them together in news worthy package, (I always learned the nuances of being a better listener, when I am interviewing people).

I also took launched two more blogs this year to go along with my pop culture blog :

1.) , which covers  social and digital media news.

2.)    www.Itsasub,    which takes a look at my journey of being a substitute teacher.

Where is a fun aggregated site with videos, pictures, music , movie trailers and funny captions, I noticed that I writing a lot more on the two new blogs, which is quite refreshing, while exercising skills there were dormant for a while.

However, even though I accomplished quite a bit this past year, it is not enough.

I want to become better.

There  are so many ways  to be digitally creative in social media  , every week should be “Social Media Week” and more my goal is to learn more of those skills, while perfecting the ones I have now.

So tell me your story.

What is your city doing for “Social Media Week or better yet what has been their proudest social media triumph(s) for the past year, (I especially would like to hear from my fellow Buckeyes).

Make comments below or contact me at or  

(Video) Toby Daniels, executive director of Social Media Week

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