Blogger Has More Than Basic Gadgets

If you’re like me and thought that only had a handful of gadgets for their blogs, think again.

Blogger has more than 1100 gadgets, you can add to your blog to make it more appealing for your viewers.

When you go to “Design” and click on “Add a Gadget”, you are immediately sent to the “Basics” page, which list the usual 23 gadgets like  HTML, text,pictures, etc.

But if you  take a look to the left hand side, there are other gadgets listed under  “Featured”, “Most Popular”, “More Gadgets” and “Add Your”

“Features” include gadgets for Amazon,Flickr, Picassa and Twitter, while “Most Popular” features gadgets like Digg, YouTube.

The rest of thousand plus gadgets can be found under ‘More Gadgets”, where you can find polls, Yahoo News, fashion games,  iTunes and quotes from Michael Jordan and yes Mr. T!

If you already developed a gadget, go to the “Add Your Own Link” and can upload place the gadget’s  link in the “Add by Url” section

While Blogger would be better served to feature more of their popular gadgets on their “Basic” page, it’s sill great that Blogger has more options that the usually RSS feeds and comments.

…and I pity the fool  who doesn’t add these gadgets to their blog.

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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