How One Tweet Led To A Million Dollars!

A colleague of mine was telling me a story about a small business owner in Wooster, Ohio named Edward Buchholz.

Mr. Buchholz is the founder of 60mo, which helps businesses manage their finances.

For  years Buchholz tried various to acquire funding business for his business with no success

“We got turned down by everybody and their brother here locally,” Buchholz told “After we failed here locally, we looked for money elsewhere.”

Yet, even out of town funds were fleeting.

But in late 2010, everything began to change.

This past October, 60mo was featured on the online technology publication TechCrunch. When the story went live, 60mo sales picked up, especially overseas. However, they still needed funding to survive.

This is when Buchholz made his boldest move.

Earlier that year, he learned that the founders of Groupon created a venture capitalist fund called LightBank to invest in in tech companies in the Midwest.

Bucholz who had become very adapted at social media, found Lightbank’s Twitter account and on whim sent them this tweet:

“Hey @lightbank, we should chat sometime. Mid-westerners gotta stick together, yo.”

 “ A week later, he was in Chicago meeting with Groupon founders. Two months later, he had nearly $1 million for his small Wooster-based company, thanks to LightBank,” he told

For people still on the fence when it comes to social media, this is a solid lesson.

Tools like Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn are as necessary as an email or a phone.

If you are pursuing funding for a company, a job or trying to trying to get past any gate keeper, tools like Twitter are essential to cut through the middle man (or woman)  

Bucholz could’ve have called Lightbank 20 times and maybe got a courtesy letter or phone call in return, but by sending a simple tweet, 60mo is now on solid footing financially

This is not to say that every Tweet or LinkedIn message will lead to a happy ending.

Like anything in life, it’s still about timing and connecting with the right people, but the potential to find success using social media is much greater than not using it at all.

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