Jesse Eisenberg “One Ups” Social Networks

As anticipation mounts if Jesse Eisenberg will win The Oscar for Best Actor for playing  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network”, the Eisenberg/Zuckerberg connection goes deeper than either the film or their appearance together on Saturday Night Live.

Just like Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg has his own interactive website called “One Up Me.

In 2007,  Eisenberg and his cousin which according to the website “ is a community of creative thinkers who come together to foster abstract thought in the form of a daily wordplay game.

Ever weekday a new topic is posted and players attempt to “one-up” each other in the cleverness of their response.”

However, in 2008 the word-play website was shut down

Flash forward to a CBS Sunday Morning profile on Jesse  Eisenberg and “One Up Me” is not only back, but it has enjoyed a new-found success.

Is this because of  Eisenberg’s movie “The Social Network”?


However, it probably  has more to do with an application  that the previous version One  Up Me” did not  have:  Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s site, now hosts the literary game site, which now requires you now to have a Facebook account to play.

Another twist in the story is that Eisenberg’s co-founding cousin is   not only still running “One Up Me”, but according to Ace Showbiz,  he is also now a Facebook employee.

Now wonder  Zuckerberg looked somewhat comfortable standing next to  Jesse Eisenberg on SNL…he’s his boss.

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