Dear Twitter Users: It’s #Libya Not #Libia

I don’t think I am alone in saying this, but spellchecker is one the greatest creations ever made.

The ability for your computer to correct your misspelled words is just as important as letters on the keyboard.

But I always wondered what would happen to people if spell checking disappeared?

I find my answer everyday on  Twitter’s “Trending Topics”.

The recent protests and violence in Libya resulted in much discussion on Twitter.

In fact the other night, Libya was one the top five trending topics trending along with anchor ESPN Stuart Scott returning to Sports Center following his bout with cancer and Justin Bieber.

Although it was encouraging that a world event was trending just as high as “The Biebs” recent haircut,the trending topic word was spelled Libia, not Libya.

To be a top trending topic on Twitter, the numbers has to be in the tens of thousands or millions, which means there were a whole lot of people misspelling Libya.

The funny thing is that people who could actually spell Libya, hash-tagged #Libya and #Libia so their tweets would be read.

When I’m tweeting something and I don’t know a spelling a word, I usually ask someone the correct spelling, check it out on Google or go to something that seems to be disappearing in homes across the country: “The Dictionary”.

Remember those things? They’re this book tells you how to spell word.

These “Dictionaries” are usually sold in stores and you can even pick one up at the dollar store, for guess what? A dollar!

I’m being sarcastic of course, but one of the problem with real-time media is that everyone want to be first to tweet their comments or information.

When I’ve tweeted something too quickly, I usually admit my mistake or I delete the tweet and create another one with the proper spelling.

(Another broader issue is that as Americans, we’re not as well educated about the world around us as other countries, which leads in miscues like these; but that’s a discussion for another blog).

Most likely, Twitter will create a spellchecker like Google to help with misspellings.  But before that happens, if you come across a word and you don’t not know the spelling, grab the dictionary(and a thesaurus too while your at it.)

Maybe I should have done that before I sent my tweet out today about the 10th anniversary blue-ray edition of Chris Nolan’s “Momento”, I mean “Memento”, doh!

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