From Hollywood to YouTube?

In a game changing move that might shift media power in “Tinsel Town”, YouTube is trying to woo big-time Hollywood types to become partners.

This move is spearheaded byYouTube CEO Salar Kamangar and  according to Vulture,In exchange for creating a genre-specific, celebrity-branded YouTube channel and packing it full of original, three-minute-long shows, the celeb would get to retain ownership of the channel’s content. YouTube, in turn, would get its production investment back via ad revenue”.

Hollywood types such as  Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die has already embraced the concept of creating online content, but this move will allow the entertainers to avoid the hassle of creating a websites from scratch and looking for funding and in turn focus on creating content.

Word is YouTube is offering as much as “$5 million per celeb-branded channel”, which puts all the risk on YouTube financially.

Do you think this is a good move by YouTube? Who(m)  do you think should partner with YouTube to create celebrity channel of content?

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2 Responses to From Hollywood to YouTube?

  1. Mario says:

    Wow! That to me is a big move on their part! Personalities don’t have the time & this idea helps to streamline the process –i wonder who will step in first? Or are we gonna see has beens trying to use this to revive their career?

    • slocket says:

      I think we will see has beens or people like Ed Burns who still do some acting, but are more on the creative side of things to kick it off. If I’m a big actor, I would do it because it won’t cost me anything, but I think its a pretty good financial gamble by YouTube.

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