My Video for Ashton Kutcher’s VP of Pop Culture Contest

Outside of the fuzz on my chin, I think I got a pretty shot at becoming a Ashton Kutcher’s VP of Pop Culture…but I need a whole lot of votes.

Last week, I found out that Kutcher and Pop Chips created a contest to help him find a VP of Pop Culture. The deadline is March 2nd, so I grabbed my Xtacti cam and I started filming.

Anybody who knows me knows that pop culture should be my middle name and while I feel that my video is one of the best of the contestants, the bigger story is that Ashton Kutcher has once again flexed  is social media muscle.

In 2009, Fast Company wrote a great piece on Kutcher’s heavy involvement with social media including his company new media Katalyst, which produces everything from  promoting  like brands as Pepsi, Nestlé, and Kellogg  using social media to an online fantasy football show.

Kutcher learned pretty early that producing online content is the next logical step in media.

This is not to say that all content will be  solely made for online viewing, but like TV, radio and movies, the future of media choice is here, (Google TV is the first wave of media’s future where you can watch CSI  then flip to YouTube on the same TV to watch a 30 second video).

Creating niche oriented online content with heavy traffic on video channels like YouTube, Blip TV  or loyal subscribers iTunes, not only creates another creative and revenue generating outlet for actors and actresses (has anybody noticed there are almost as many online soap operas than as there is on  TV) , but it is also another way for advertisers to connect with consumers who rather watch an online show than  television.

Ashton Kutcher and Katalyst has already figured this out…now the next logical step is the hire me as VP of Pop Culture : )

You can vote for my video at

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