It Seems Like Everyone Skypes But Me

Today I got an email from an acquaintance saying she was  trying to call  me on Skype, (Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls and chats over the Internet).

The email’s subject line  threw me off because I think we talked maybe once  or twice since we met.

Maybe she wanted hire me for some social media?   Maybe she was give me a million dollars? Maybe she arranged a date with me and Jessica Biel since she broke up with Justin Timberlake!?!

Uh, none of the above.

When I read the email, I learned that she signed up for Skype and the message was  asking me to sign up too.

Now I signed up for Skype a few years ago, but outside of a job interview, I got rid of  Skype because no one else I knew was using it.

But after reading that email, I figure why not,  maybe my acquaintance really was contacting me to hook me up with Jessica Biel (okay, I’m delusional).

Skype has several pricing packages, but  I opted for the free version which gave me:

  • Skype-to-Skype calls
  • One-to-one video calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Screen sharing

The one thing that was different from the last time I signed up was that Skype wanted to know if I would like to add my contacts from Facebook who were also using the service.

Once again I said why not.

I figured the only Facebook  contacts of mine who would sign up for Skype would be the ones who were heavily involved with digital media and that number would be pretty low.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that 95 of my Facebook contacts were on Skype.

This shocked me because  I never heard of any of them being on Skype.

This is not to say most of don’t use it, but I hear people say “Text Me” more often than someone say “Skype Me”.

But this raises a question: How many people do you know actually uses Skype on a regular basis?

I had a Twitter account for over a year before I started using it in on a regular basis. Is this the same for most people who use Skype?

Regular  Skype users already know that the service is an effective and cheap way  to connect with people. But with iPhone 4 ‘s “FaceTime” function, where you can video chat with someone, will Skype remain a viable option as more and more mobile services acquire this  technology?

Only time will tell.

But for now, Skype is a great way to connect with each other, especially in disasters like the earthquake in Chile in 2010 where people used Skype to spread news and to connect with loved ones as well as  people will do the same in Japan, following their tragic earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

( How often do you use Skype? Once a day? Once a week? Monthly? Yearly? Also, do you think people are more comfortable calling, texting or emailing each other than seeing each other via video?)

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