iPad 2: Digital World of The Haves and The Have-Nots

Word came today on Mashable that “iPad 2 Shortages Hit Web & Retail Stores”.
According to the report, “the online Apple Store is showing a four- to five-week backlog for online orders,” while most stores has sold out of Apple’s Steve Jobs’ latest success story.

After reading the story, I realized that we live in new digital world of haves and have-nots.

Either you can afford an iPad or you can’t.

I’m not afraid to admit that like most Americans, I have been looking for a full-time job for a while.

Although I feel that my digital skills are on par with most, the opportunities for full-time work have been fleeting.

But my financial circumstance has not stopped me from being a digital creator.

I still blog use the same 2007 Lenovo laptop I bought when I started working in social media in 2008.

Although my battery died over a year ago and the screen flickers, (which scares me to death) as long as I have memory, a plug and free Wi-Fi from Panera Bread, I’m good to go.

When I tweet, I use my Virgin Mobile LG Rumor one, (I’m behind on that one too).
I previously had a contact with Verizon, but the payments became cumbersome, so  I opted for Virgin Mobile’s month plan where I get unlimited text and internet for $25.

My digital media on budget hasn’t hurt me, but sometimes I do wonder it would be like to blog on an iPad or shoot video with an iTouch.

Would I create better blogs?

Would employers take a second look at me because I can add that I am an iPad expert?

This reminds of a trip I recently took an Apple Store.

A few weeks ago I attended job fair.

Although I have attended job fairs before, It’s still sad to see hundreds of people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds fighting for positions that can barely support a family.

After an hour of exhaustively talking to non-hiring booth squatters who were simply to take resumes, I drove to the mall across the street to see the new Apple Store, which seemingly had as many people as the job fair.

If you never been to an Apple Store, it’s like Dorothy waking up in the “Land of Oz” with a slight nod to George Lucas’ pre “American Graffiti” film THX 1138.

The store is white and bright, but the brightness does not come from a yellow brick, but the rows of the brightly lit MacBook screens that line the tables.

Instead of the munchkins singing the “we are the lollipop kids”, the Beatles “we all live in a yellow submarine” floats throughout.

In essence, the Apple Store is like a tech Disneyland for kids and adults.

However, the thing that struck me the most wasn’t the music or the THX/Oz look of the store, but watching people walking out with an Apple boxes and/or bags.

It seemed like nearly everyone who came into the store walked out with a computer or another iGaget.

What a dichotomy.

In one building, you have a person who is waiting in a line to be put on a list for a $9 security job, while across street, you have a person waiting in a line to be put on a list to buy a $499 iPad.

This is not criticism of people buying products at the Apple Store.

If I had the disposable income, I would be right there with them buying an iPad, an iPhone and an iTouch, etc. But unfortunately, I like many others do not have iMoney (but it’s always nice to look).

 I do wonder at times how many people are out there like me doing digital work on a budget?

Does it scare them when their screen flickers or their battery dies without the income to replace either?

Have they opted for “Pay as You Go” instead of a cell phone contract to save money?

Do they save just enough money to buy one gadget a year?

Do they still use the same computer they bought when W. was in office or do they have an iPad?

But instead of doing work or playing Angry Birds, they are looking for work?

 just like me and my 2007 Lenovo laptop.

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at Lockettmedia@gmail.com or Twitter.com/kevinlockett
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  1. Lauren says:

    You know slocket, I actually wrote about this earlier on my site. Your blog post has really provided me with lots of food for thought, I think you make many very important points. In fact, I really wish I had seen it earlier, before writing my own post. – cars2scrap

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