Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Might Be My Favorite Tech Guru of All-Time

If you ever wondered how Twitter got started there are two great sources to check out.

There’s a great overview about Twitter’s three players past, present and future on Bloomberg TV, but the more compelling story is in this month’s Vanity Fair entitled  “Twitter was Act One”, which is about Twitter creator Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey might be my favorite tech creator of all time.

Although he loves technology, unlike Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Dorsey  is not obsessed with dominating the world, but helping it.

Besides that, what other mogul do you know who was a nanny, has a massage therapist licensed and recently took classes in fashion design?

(Can’t really see Gates, talking about Tulip skirts).

Combine that with the fact he was  unfairly being kicked out of Twitter, formed new company called Square, while  keeping an eye on running for Mayor of New York City, Jack Dorsey is one fascinating former nanny.

All jokes aside, much like another free spirit Sir Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey is a lesson that life is too short not to try something that interests you.

If it doesn’t follow conventional wisdom who cares?

Your career should not be the only thing that defines you as a person…but having millions of dollars in bank isn’t bad thing either.

Read:  Twitter was Act One

(Question: What tech person or mogul inspires you)

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