Holy War Games! The Commodore 64 is Back!

I use to joke that I still owned a commodore 64.  Well I guess the  joke is on me because word came today that the old school computer is back with new school parts.

Barry Altman, chief executive of Commodore USA, LLC, told the L.A. Times that  the new Commodore 64, is “a good basic computer for work, for email, for multimedia use, for even basic gaming”.

But the console is not cheap. The price for the new Commodore 64 is being sold at the same price as of the original 1982 model basic model at $595 or a $900 for an “Ultimate” edition C64, with a 1TB hard drive and Blu-Ray capability, (there is also $250 Barebones” version, whatever that means).

At these prices I wonder if I can still use my 1980’s floppy discs?

(What is the oldest gadget do you currently own?)

See video

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