Check Out UK Telegraph’s Top 12 Social Media Apps

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I was checking put my LinkedIn feed and I came across this tweet from LaTosha Johnson  “250 best iPad apps: social media apps – UK Telegraph”.

Upon further inspection, the British newspaper featured a great listing some of the best social media apps:

Flipboard takes the activity from your social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and plenty of others are supported – and presents it in an attractive magazine-style layout. People in the know say Flipboard is reinventing the browser for the tablet computer. They could be right. This app is must-have on all iPads.

Twitter’s official app has been updated to take advantage of the iPad 2’s cameras. The app is not to every user’s taste but it is well designed and easy to use. The ability to take a snapshot from within the app is a handy tweak.

3 Friended for Facebook (59p)

In the absence of an official Facebook iPad app, this is the current favourite stand-in, topping the paid-for iPad apps list at the time of writing. It does what it says on the tin: Facebook meets iPad. Many users have said they doubt that Facebook itself will do any better when the official Facebook iPad app launches.

4 Gowalla (free)

The iPad version of the location-sharing app works beautifully and the visuals are striking on the larger screen. The company’s ambition to help users create a passport of their journeys comes to life via this easy-to-use app.

5 Yelp (free)

An incredibly easy and useful app. Users don’t have to log in to receive instant recommendations about where to eat or drink in their current location. Yelp splits the large iPad screen, with one side showing a map with location pins which correspond with nearby locations, user reviews and addresses on the other side.

GetGlue (free): GetGlue is a social network for rating movies, TV shows, music, and books.

BeeJive IM (£5.99): Clever app which aggregates your instant messenger accounts.

Spout (59p): This app aggregates all users’ news, tweets, messages and comments; attractive format.

Dash Four (£1.19): With no official Foursquare app, Dash Four fills the void well, and in a clever way.

Tweetdeck (free): Tweetdeck’s signature column display, shows tweets in a popular linear format.

MSN and Live Messenger (free): Popular app with those still enjoying the Microsoft instant messenger.

Taptu (free): Billed as a Flipboard contender, this app has deeper content and a better search index.

What Social Media Apps should be added to the list?

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