Try AppsBar to Create Mobile Apps for Androids and iPhones

For the past few weeks I have  put my toe in the political waters as I was tapped to use my social media skills to help with Mayor Don Plusquellic reelection in Akron.

As part of the social media committee, my goal is to come up with concepts and strategies that will engage the Mayor with voters in the world of new media.

One of those concepts was the development of a mobile app. 

Since President Obama’s election, more tech savvy politicians like Newark Mayor Corey Booker, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome and Texas Governor Rick Perry are increasingly using social media and mobile apps to connect  with voters.

While researching if any Ohio politicians were using mobile apps, I found that  in 2010, the camp for then candidate, now Governor John Kasich’s  created  an app for his election using a free platform called  Appmakr.

When I went to the Appmakr site, two things stood out to me: 

 1.) it was free to buld an app

 2.) the  phrase “No Coding Required”, (which was great because I am not a coder).

Although Appmakr has a pretty nice setup, I decided to go with another free app building platform called AppsBar.

AppsBar is great because it gave me a lot of choices ranging from what type of app was I creating(entertainment,  nor-for-profit, personal and business)   to overall color scheme to the app’s content p (social networks, videos, photo, contact information ,etc.)

I created two apps: One for Google Androids and one for Apple iPhone.

Once I was done, I sent it to Appsbar, where a representative wrote me back a day later asking me to make some corrections.

One of the downsides of building mobile apps is getting approval for Google and Apple. Since Appsbar submits the  app for you, they already what it takes to get approved by the Google and Apple stores, which makes the process a lot easier.

Once I made my corrections for Appsbar, within two weeks my  relection app for the Mayor was accepted by the Google’s Android Marketplace.

However I am still waiting for approval from Apple.

I am hopeful that one day after making the right correction, my app will be  accepted by Apple (maybe); but to put it in a sports analogy, getting approval from Apple Store is like getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Even if you were pretty good, it’s pretty tough to get in.  

However,  Google is more like the Basketball Hall of Fame, where if you are worthy enough, you got a pretty good shot of getting in, (congrats Dennis Rodman).

If you are a non coder like myself, take a minute a try either Appsbar and/or Appmakr and send us a link to your app or if you know of any other mobile app maker, tell us.  

Also take a look at my app for the Mayor, tell me what you think.  Is OK as is? How can I make it better?

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic relection app


Mashable-Social Media: The New Battleground for Politics

San Francisco Examiner- Former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom pens book on social media, politics

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