Social Media Day 2011: How Has New Media Changed Your Life?

Across the country many cities around the world are celebrating Social Media Day.

The day is an event presented by the website  Mashable to encourage social media enthusiasts to get together for Meetups in their community. 

So in honor of Social Media Day, I would like to know how has the digital medium changed your life?

I mentioned before in a previous post that when I saw David Meerman Scott speak about his book the  “New Rules of marketing and PR“.

That speech changed my life forever because  I learned that the barriers of the technology were  lowered. 

Now I was able to combine my love for media and my degree work in marketing without paying a techie a lot of money to design a site or beg a newspaper to write a story about my product; Within two hours, I became my own media conglomerate.

I was now Ted Turner with a laptop, a  mobile phone and a Flip Cam (also without the billions, but it will happen one day…right!?!?)

Since seeing Mr. Scott speak, my career path has changed drastically to the point, where I can not foresee doing nothing else but digital media.

So how has social media changed your life or the people  around you?

 Did you work on a campaign that made a difference or did you create a blog that allowed you to be a voice to others with similar interests?

What is your city doing to celebrate Social Media Day?

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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