How Do You Use Facebook?

I was in a discussion with a friend the other day and she mentioned that I rarely use Facebook to talk about myself.

This is true, mainly because I don’t think my life is that interesting on a daily basis.

If I did go full Kevin Lockett and reveal everything, the next place you would hear from me is on Dr Phil, where the mustache’d one would be yelling at me in his L.A.  studios!

I generally use Facebook to give out information. 

My core audience are my friends who are bored at work , and I try to keep them entertained with the latest news in digital media and popular culture.  

But I’ve always been that way.

First it was word of mouth as a kid telling my friends about the latest comic books, followed by years as a college radio DJ breaking new songs, which led to becoming a freelance writer to now where I blog and tweet anything that catches my eye.

Information gathering and dispersing is like breathing to me.

Sure, I would I love to get paid like Ryan Seacrest and be in the center of the pop universe or be a featured writer on Mashable giving out new media tips.

However,  every time someone says to me on Facebook, “I didn’t know that was going on?” or “I had no idea they had an app for that, thank you”, those statements makes me feel like I am doing something right… even though one of those fat Seacrest  checks would help me replace my 95 Geo Prizm!

The old girl is finally slowing down at 251, 000 miles. : (

So  how do you use Facebook? Do you use it to connect with people, spread information, promote your business? Is Facebook your main social network or do you use something else?

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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