Need an Invoice in a Pinch? Try Zoho!

Recently I taught a social media class, which went well, but I still need a few tweaks until I can get my full  Gary Vaynerchuk or Shama Kaban on, (if anybody knows Shama, tell her there’s a dude in a Akron with an engagement ring for her or at least tickets for an Akron Aeros’ minor league baseball game  LOL ).

The following day, the organization that asked to do the presentation told me to send them an invoice.

(Cue dramatic music)

I fell into a slight panic because I never created a service invoice before.

I decided to go to Google Docs mainly because I used the platform to create several documents including the  Powerpoint for my social media presentation.

Sure enough there was an application to create an invoice. My problems were over right?

Uh, no.

Although there were many services invoices listed on Google Docs, each time I clicked on one, I got a message saying ”  We’re sorry, your spreadsheet cannot be copied at this time

(Cue dramatic music)

Frustrated, I remembered reading about Zoho in PC Magazine earlier in the day.

Like Google Docs, Zoho is a cloud based service, which allows you to create online documents  (think of it like a free version of Microsoft Office online).

I  figured since Google Docs had an invoice maker, Zoho should also have one and I was right.

Zoho Invoices is a quick and easy process.

After I signed up, I  clicked on invoices, typed in the customer’s name, the item (which in this case was “Social Media Presentation”),  followed by the description of my services and finally the amount due.

Bam! I was done in about 10 minutes.

When I was finished, I was given the option to send the customer’s invoice through email, export it as a PDF , snail mail or  I could get paid through Paypal (I chose the email option).

Another cool feature is if I don’t hear from the customer after 14 days, I can send them a reminder, (which is great if you have a deadbeat customer).

For business owners or people like myself who are new to invoicing people, Zoho’s Invoice applicationn is a great find.

Although I am still a big fan of Google Docs, Zoho is a solid alternative  and  I can’t wait to use more of their applications.

So what do you use: Google Docs or Zoho? 

What was your experience like or do you use  alternative online document creator? 

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