Best Google+ Invite Ever ! (Photo)

Getting an invite to join Google Plus is like trying to get into studio 54 back in the day, but SEO expert  Sage Lewis took the invitation thing  to whole new level by engaging people at his company Sage Rock:

For more info go to

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3 Responses to Best Google+ Invite Ever ! (Photo)

  1. Sage Lewis says:

    You are awesome! Thanks 🙂

  2. If you’d like an invite, but don’t want to post your e-mail publicly, I’ve set up a page where you can request an invite more securely.

  3. Sage Lewis says:

    Mine isn’t public either. And I’m not doing anything with the email addresses other than inviting people to Google+. I will say that I have been putting people in their own special little Google+ circle in case I wanted to say hi that way.

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