How Do You Use Twitter?

When news broke this past weekend on the MTV Video Music Awards that Beyoncé and Jay- Z were expecting a child, “Twitter users went crazy tweeting a total of 8, 868 tweets per second” according to Black Web 2.0.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy bested former  most tweets per second holders World Cup match between the U.S. and Japanese women’s soccer teams and Osama Bin Laden’s death, which sounds a little crazy, but welcome to the world of new media.

This reminded me when I first started using Twitter full-scale, which was when Michael Jackson died.

Prior to the King of Pop’s death, I had no use for Twitter.  I didn’t understand it and very few of my friends who used it, (in fact I still have very few friends who use Twitter, most are still on Facebook).

But the afternoon Michael Jackson was rumored to be dead, I got most of news from TMZ and Twitter .

TMZ because they reported MJ’s death first and Twitter because I was getting updates from news sources in the U.S. and abroad far more quickly in my timeline and searches than online news sites like the New York Times and even faster than CNN.

Although the world lost a great performer that day, I gained a new-found love of Twitter.

I now basically use the service for information gathering and distributing my blog post links.

Although I should communicate Twitter users more often as well as remember to check my DM’s (Direct Messages) more than once a month, I can’t imagine not having Twitter around to find information…no matter if it’s the death of a terrorist leader or the pregnancy of an international pop star.
So how do you use Twitter?

Do you use it for information, communicating with others or do you sparingly use it and focus on other social networks?

You can reach me on Twitter @kevinlockett

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