CBS Presents Tweet Week: Do You Twitter During TV Shows?

CBS recently announced that they are kicking off their fall TV premiere season with “Tweet Week“, where ” fans can log in using Facebook or Twitter, ask the producers questions and discuss the show in real time“, (for example: Hawaii Five would be #H50 and NCIS, would be….well #NCIS).

Sometimes if I watch a show that makes me say woah, I’ll drop a post.

For instance I sent a post last weekend on Twitter and Facebook, I was saying how I need to find my own Mrs. Ari Gold from “Entourage ” and that I hated the fact that “True Blood” won’t be back until next summer, (a buddy of mine commented on Facebook that I should watch the BBC version “Being Human” on BBC America to heal my “True Blood” withdrawal).

However, its pretty rare that I have a long running tweets about a how show, except for something special like the Emmys, Oscars, Grammys and the BET & MTV Awards.

The only problem when you are consistently tweeting during a show like the Grammys is that I tend to miss a performance or a comment from a winner because my thumbs moves a lot slower than my brain.

I recently saw the Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake flick “Friends with Benefits” again, (don’t judge me, I like the movie alright) and I was amazed by some of the scenes and dialouge I missed the first time, simply because I was tweeting my thoughts of the movie to  Facebook and Twitter.

As much as I love social media, sometimes it can be a distraction.

I’m sure in the not so distant future (if not already), there will be an app where I can speak my thoughts into my phone and my posts will appear onto Twitter and Facebook without me missing a thing on TV, (I probably wouldn’t do this in a movie theater, I don’t want to get out knocked out like Apollo Creed n “Rocky 4”).

But until that time comes, I guess I have to become a faster texter huh?

So what about you, will you take part CBS’s Tweet Week?

Do you extensively use social media to make comments during or after a show/movie or do you enjoy wasting fun-filled hours entertainment without any tech distractions?

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1 Response to CBS Presents Tweet Week: Do You Twitter During TV Shows?

  1. WallDruggie says:

    Whenever I’ve seen the posts on Facebook about shows that I watch (Breaking Bad is one of them), the comments seem just stupid. I think of them as verbal farts. It is certainly appealing to a demographic that feels the world is interested in their every banal utterance, but I believe I’ll always prefer to watch television with no distractions, interruptions, or any one else’s take on something.

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