Fair or Foul? Ashton Kutcher Promotes Tech Companies on 2 and Half Men

CBS is not happy that in a recent episode 2 and Half Men, Ashton Kutcher slyly promoted tech companies that he is invested in.

While his character  Walden Schmidt on his laptop, “stickers for the tech companies Foursquare (the location “check-in” site), Flipboard (the iPad news aggregator), Hipmunk (the travel searcher), and Chegg (the textbook rental service)”  for over 20 million viewers to see.

This was a smooth move by Kutcher who understands that new media involves cross promotion on multiple platforms on everything from Twitter to TV shows. besides, Hollywood is notorious in having ad placements featured throughout television shows and movies, where at times its just plain annoying.

However was its ‘ responsibility to tell CBS that he was going to do this or was CBS not smart enough to realize that they should have worked out a deal with Kutcher and these tech companies to further expand and embrace  new media?

All I can think of is WWCD:  What would Charlie do?

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