Nice Haul! Cali Lewis’ Travel Tech Gear

Cali lewis' travel gadgets


So I thumbing through my endless channels on cable one night, when I stumbled upon an attractive host talking geek-speak.

The show was GeekBeat TV on  YooToo and the attractive host was Cali Lewis, whom I later learned is one the best tech geeks out there.

On her Google Plus feed today, Lewis dropped the photo above showing all of her travel tech gear including:

–MacBook Pro power
–Monster Power ToG power strip
–Time Warner IG2 mobile hotspot
–Verizon mobile hotspot
–Samsung Galaxy Tab

A mighty impressive haul and nice introduction to what tech gear you might want to look into if you are serious in upping you tech gadgetry.

Question: What gadgets do you take with you on the road?

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3 Responses to Nice Haul! Cali Lewis’ Travel Tech Gear

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    My blog is Family vacation ideas.

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