How Gary Vaynerchuk Inspired My Black Friday Blog

I’m a big fan of wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk’s book  on social media”Crush it“,  I bought it last year and even though I still can’t tell the difference between a red and white wine, the book was easy to read book was and for me it still is essential reading for social media enthusiasts.

However, one of the things I didn’t embrace was Vaynerchuk’s use of Tumblr.

I had nothing against Tumblr, but in 2010 I was just beginning to use the  WordPress as blogging platform for , this is years after being a  proud  Bloggger user,where  I still host my long running entertainment blog Music is My Soul.

I didn’t see the use of Tumblr at the time.

Recently, while  I was re-organizing, I came across “Crush it” under a pile of books.

When  I started re-reading it, not only did I find “Crush it”  just as fresh as it was last year,  but I  found myself being even more intrigued by Vaynerchuk’s success with Tumblr  blog Wine Library TV.

I decided right then that the next blog I was going to launch, Tumblr would be its destination; thus or Black Friday 4 Guys was born.

I knew I wanted to showcase all of the shopping knowledge I gained from my parents over the year and since Tumblr users tend to gravitate more towards videos and photos than text, I decided to roll the dice.

The set up was quite simple and the great thing is that I don’t have to worry about hosting.  Tumblr also made it easy for to make my domain name than the main URL for my site, ( I also place some of the same content on on Blogger)

I then followed Vaynerchuk’s model of video blogging model from Winelibrary TV. But instead of wine, I was dispensing advice to men on how shop during the holidays, where I upload the videos using YouTube and Blip.TV (Ex: “Buying the Right Size for your Lady“)

One of the things I missed completely the first time I read “Crush it” was Tumblr’s re-blogging tool, which is basically re-tweeting for a blog.

For a new blog, this is a great tool  to build traffic at a faster rate, (I’ll let all of you know the status of when the holiday season is over).

Re-finding “Crush it”  under a stack of books is why I still love books over tablets.

No offense to  tablets, but if I simply downloaded the “Crush it” book as an app, it would have been lost in a sea of other apps on my tablet and I probably wouldn’t have made this step towards Tumblr.

Do I think the iPad is a wonderful piece of technology? Of course.

Will I buy one in the future? You betcha.

But there is nothing like coming across a book you haven’t read awhile and  finding  new information that you either missed or didn’t embrace the first time around.

That’s what Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush it” did for me and that’s why was born.

I guess the goal for 20101 is  figuring out how to move from to

Question: Which blogging platform do you use? Blogger, Tumblr,, or other?

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  2. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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