The Night Jason Voorhees Tried To Slash..Umm Connect With Me on LinkedIn

Last night as I was taking a break watching a 2006 episode from “Intervention” on A&E, (I wonder what happened to that gal Christie anyway?), when I came across this email:  

“Jason Voorhees requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn”

Now anyone who is a student of 1980’s slasher flicks knows that Jason Voorhees  was the hockey mask wearing killer for most the Friday The 13th movies, (his mom was the killer in the first one).

As I clicked on the link, expecting to seal my fate as some kind of cyber victim, I came across another horrifying line: 

I give Free software to Marketers


OK, it’s not the same as getting a hot poker through the stomach while I’m getting it on with my old lady (“Friday the 13th Part III”) , but I did feel like I just got a machete through the dome.

The Jason Voorhees that I received the LinkedIn message from wasn’t a killer from Crystal Lake, but  a spammer, which many times is just as terrifying.  

I’m not faulting this Jason for requesting us to connect, he’s doing what he can to drum up business for his website,  but when you are accepting invitations on any social network, you have to be somewhat discriminate. 

Having a bunch of LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends doesn’t mean anything if  they are not a valuable connection.

I routinely receive messages from people wanting to connect on LinkedIn (

For the most part, I accept their requests because they are either in my field of digital entertainment, recruiters who might help me to find work or colleagues looking to connecting   (even though it like most of my connections comes from Facebook or Twitter  than LinkedIn these days).

Every so often I do  get an invitation from someone like Jason who casts a big net to see if anyone would connect.

I’m sure Jason’s  shotgun approach does work on some people who are looking for a free software, but I’m already pretty tech savvy when it comes to free goodies, so unfortunately  I had to decline my pseudo-slasher friend’s  invitation. 

I just  hope in the sequel this Jason Voorhees doesn’t take a cue from “Friday The 13th Part 2” by showing  up to my house one late night and stabbing me in my head with an iPad stylus?!?!?

Hmmm on second thought, maybe I need to make a LinkedIn invitation re-request to Jason than send one to Freddy and Pinhead and Chucky!!! 

Question: How do you handle invitation requests from people you don’t know on LinkedIn?

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Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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3 Responses to The Night Jason Voorhees Tried To Slash..Umm Connect With Me on LinkedIn

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