What are your Soical and Digital Media Resoultions for 2012?

The New Year is fast approaching and for many this is a time of year of reflection and looking forward.

The ideas of resolutions are funny to me because most of the time people do not keep them.

“I’m going to join a gym” says someone who really wants to lose weight ….then six months later they are stuck with a three year contract at a gym that they  now hate.

“I’m going to treat people nicer” says another …but then they morph into Lisbeth Salander for the “Girl with the Dragon” (excellent film directed  by David Fincher and score  by Trent Reznor ) tasing a worker at McDonald’s after they gave them the wrong order (people really do love those McRib sandwiches).

It’s not really the resolutions that are bad, it’s the execution.

Resolutions = Change and for many of us, it can be a daunting thing.

Fear, anxiety, doubt and comfort keeps most of us from finding out who we really are or what we can  actually become.

I have been guilty of some and at times all of those things in the past, But my resolution in 2012  is pretty simple:  

All I want to do is fully establish my career in digital media full-time .

I know what you’re saying, “But Kevin haven’t you been doing social media for a long time and don’t you operate several blogs and  make videos?”

Yes, but I still feel like that indie movie director at Sundance who won awards, butwhio  now feels like it’s time to make big budget flicks like  Mission Impossible 15 with Suri Cruise as she  takes over for her old man Tom.

I am in space now that I want to grow faster as a professional, learn new skills, actually meet more liked minded people whom I can colloborate with and learn from as well as have conversations without seeing a  confusing look when I mention Mashable or Quora.

But for this to happen, I have to make to ask myself some questions:

Should I network better?

Probably, but for that to happen I have embrace Steve “Diddy” Jobs way of promoting myself, which can be a challenge sometimes.

Do I need to make more content online?

Maybe, but I really want to expand try things like what  Maker Studios does in Cali or work harder to create even better content.

Should I move from making my own digital kingdom in Akron, Ohio and move to more social and digital friendly areas like New York, California, Atlanta, Austin, etc.?

That would be the biggest risk of all, because I love Akron, but do I stay and fight to make myself more digitally known in Ohio  or move and maybe grow faster professional in another city?

These are some of the tough questions I have to face, but the new year is clearly about challenging me following a new digital path, (throw in digital honey bunny and that covers 2013 ; ).

The path I decide to take will be one that will affect me for years to come and although I know I will make the decision, only time will tell me if followed the right path.

Question: So what are your resolutions or goals in 2012?  What ways would you like to change or grow in the New Year?

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About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at Lockettmedia@gmail.com or Twitter.com/kevinlockett
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