Are You Addicted to Social Media?

A few months ago, I lost my phone.

I know boo-hoo, right?

Although I found my phone about a week later, (darn seat cushions),  I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to return to my beloved LG Rumor 2 .

You see , during those days without my phone, I went through a withdrawal.

No, like a Tom Sizemore on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew type of withdrawal, where I’m sweating and shaking like a chihuahua, but a social media one.

I was so used to checking my phone for my Twitter and Facebook updates on an hour to hour, minute to minute basis that those first few days without my phone, I was still reaching for it like it was still there, but in actuality, all I was grabbing was air.

Social media is a part of me.  

If it wasn’t for social media, I’m not sure where my career would have taken me at this point in my life.

The fact that I can blog my own stories, shoot video and stay connected to the world with a few clicks still amazing me.

However, after those first  few days of grabbing air, something changed:

* I started to look people in the eyes more often than I did when I was  checking my phone for Twitter updates, (to my previous date, I apologize, but I it was crazy to see that the  Dalai Lama was tweeting.)

* I was able to enjoy TV programs like Law & Order SUV much more fully, because I paid attention to the episode without asking people what happened when I was checking my text messages.  

* I was able to have full conversations with people without saying “Uh-Huh” while typing Facebook messages, ( even though I don’t if that is a social media thing or just guy thing?)

Sound familiar?  

 A few months ago, the comedian Louis C.K. told Conan O’Brien that social media sucks go.

Now that sounds like a contradiction, since recently Louis C.K. artfully used social media to make $1 million in 12 Days for his $5 comedy video, but he basically said we are missing out on life by reducing  our experiences to a small screen.

Sometimes the best memories we have is not on YouTube or Flickr, but in our minds.

Sure there are moments that we wish we could have videos and or photos to commemorate a special time in our life, but sometimes telling story of that moment is more dramatic than a 3 minute video in our hands.

Am I denouncing social media?

 Heck no!  I still love it and I still have student loans to pay.

However, I do think that we should take the time out of our busy lives to put the iPhone, tablets or laptops down and actually live it moment, which means actually giving people our full attention or better yet, living in moment and experience the life around us.  

I was on that path of non-digital enlightenment, but unfortunately for me, I just got a Droid (more on that later) and those apps are so much fun that I fallen off into a digital media relapse.  

I guess my next step is to admit my problem and enroll  myself into the Chris Borgan Center for Digital Addiction huh?

Question:Are you as connected to the people around you as you are to your device? What do you to make sure that social media does not take over your life?

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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