Protests Are Alive and Well in The Digital Age

One of the things that we hear all the time is how lobbyists controls the Washington DC…That we as citizens do not have enough power and money to force real change.  

Sadly, while this is true in many instances, one thing that has not gone out of style is a well-organized protest that scares politicians and companies alike.

Instead of the  picket sign,  the protest weapon of choice is  now a computer.

On Wednesday, online websites, companies and individual alike, bandied together to protest The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, (the bill basically is trying to strip the free rights of  users of the internet).

Thanks to the online protest from sites like “Wikipedia, Reddit and about 10,000 other websites blacked out their pages Wednesday” according to the LA Times as well some guy named Zuckerberg who said  that “SOPA Is ‘Poorly Thought-Out Law,” the bill now is quickly dying.

According to the New York Times  freshman senator, Marco Rubio of Florida said that “he would no longer back anti-Internet piracy legislation he had co-sponsored”.

Although digital piracy is an issue, the bill was written by people who barely understand the digital age and that’s the problem with most policies these days.

Instead of having knowledgeable experts help write bills, too often in politicians craft legalisation to pay back a  major donor or lobbyist, (the funny thing is that these bills are so complex that most politicians can’t tell you what’s in most bills).

The fact that the Anti-SOPA movement moved so quickly reminds us that we still have a voice.  

We all have cell phones, access to computers as well as the ability to communicate to each other, so we still have a voice to force change.

Sure the SOPA blackout  had the backing of powerful digital media players) , but as the uprising in the Middle East showed us, we all have digital power to force change,  even if your last names isnt’  Zuckerberg.

 Question:  Have you been part of an online movement? How did work out?

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