Should People Get Tattoos Above the Neck?


I today I went to fast food eatery and when I paid for my food, the young lady who served me was very friendly and had a  beautiful smile that could brighten  gray winter skies here in Ohio.

As I drove off, there one thing besides her smile that stuck with me; She had a bunch of blazing yellow and red tattoos which looked like lightning bolts on the front of  her neck.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not Mr. Anti Tattoo.

I was a big fan of Miami Ink (not so much NY Ink) and in fact I will probably get a tat of my  down the road; but my  tattoo will be hidden from plain sight, (if you have any ideas for tats let me know).

Unless you are a tattoo artist, professional athlete,  bounty hunter, rocker, rapper, a circus freak or a cast member of “Sons of Anarchy”, tattoos above the neck should be a no-no.

When he was younger film actor, Johnny Depp famously had hisWino Forever” changed from  “Winona Forever” after he broke up with his then girlfriend Wynona Ryder.

The reason we don’t hear about that tattoo much anymore is because it’s on his arm.

While Depp has many more tats on his body, all of them are in areas that cannot be seen b film goers, (can  you image Captain Jack Sparrow with a big W on his forehead? I can’t either.)

When you start putting ink on your neck, face, head or chin, I just think you’re asking  for  trouble.

Laser removal can be expensive, at times painful and could leave scars.

If you decide  get rid of big flaming skull looking at a seagull driving a Maybach off of  your neck, isn’t that going to hurt as well as take multiple trips to laser doc to get rid that tat?

When you’re young, you do stupid things.

I’ve done my fair share of dumb things, so many  that I can write endless blog post about my mishaps, but most of my mistakes can not be seen   naked eye.

Plus, the way the job market is,  unless you have real hip boss, most of these folks are not open enough to give a tattooed person a chance to work in their company.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the young lady with the bright smile and the neck tattoos.

I think she can do more than work in a fast food place, but as long as she has those red and yellow sparks on the front of her neck, she might not ever grow into the person she could be; all  because she made a dumb mistake when she was young.

Question: Have you lost opportunities because you had visible tattoos and/or have you had conversations with young people with tattoos? What do yo tell them? Also if you have stories where your tattoos are a non issue in the workplace, I like to hear those too.

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