VH1 and Foursquare Band Together to ‘Save The Music’

I’m not sure where I would be without music.

Music to me is like breathing.

I listen to it. I write about. I see it. I mixed it, scratched it and played it.

Growing up I was a drummer and for a short time I played the flute (I usually black out that year of my life).

Casey Kasem’s Top 40 was my religion as I wrote down each song  every week, while studying videos on MTV like I was preparing for the bar, (quick, name me five songs by Duran Duran and one by Expose).

Like Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of Neptunes/N.E.R.D., I proudly call myself a band nerd because back then I was glee-fully surrounded by fellow music geeks who also loved music, (though I never had that “American Pie” band camp experience, I guess I was in the wrong band huh?).

Yet when I look outside my window, I rarely see a kid walking down the street carrying a trumpet, saxaphone or clarinet case or watch a young Phil Collins frantically air drumming down the block with a pair of drumsticks.

My former high school band has shrunken so greatly in the years since I hung up my bass drumming mallets for two turntables and microphone that it now looks more like a music club than an actually band; Combine that with music stores closing and people selling their instruments to pawn shops because of the poor economy and one  would think that the craft of playing music is dead.

Well, VH1 and Forusquare are hoping to reverse  this trend.  

According to Mashable, starting March 1, “fans that follow VH1 on Foursquare can earn a special limited edition VH1 Save The Music badge…the first 35,000 users that unlock the badge, VH1 will donate $1 per badge to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation,” (the promotion will also be prominently be featured at SXSW).

VH1 Save The Music has done a great job over years in hepling restore music programs in public education across the country, so it is exciting to see social media platform like Foursquare joining the cause to help the arts remain viable.

Here’s hoping that some of the money from the Foursquare promotion not only find its way to my old high school but any public school where kids can learn to play music and continue fall in love with the art of melody and song that still thrills me to this day when I frantically air drum “In The Air Tonight” in my car.

Question: Am I wrong? Do you see a lot kids playing in your city. What other examples have you seen where social media is saving the arts?

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at Lockettmedia@gmail.com or Twitter.com/kevinlockett
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