Can You Still Use YouTube, Pandora or Netflix at Work?


USA Today recently reported that Procter & Gamble had shut down employee access to  streamign sites Pandora and Netflix. However, P&G still allowed access to Facebook and YouTube for company use, (I guess watching laughing babies on YouTube still qualifies as work).

Part of the reason why companies like P&G and other companies are restricting use of these sites is because they lack of bandwidth support to sustain employees streaming video and music all day.

Plus, I do think companies probably do not want their employees streaming Hugh Jackman’s “Real Steel” on Netflix all day,when they should be closing credit card applications.

While the bandwidth discussion has merit, I think companies should relax their restrictions on Internet usage because in all honesty, most people hate their jobs. 

Over the years, people have always found ways to make work more enjoyable, by getting out of their duties including:

Taking multiple smoke breaks

Taking a full newspaper to the bathroom

Taking eextended lunches

Taking “emergency” phone calls from their one month  old

Playing solitaire on the computer

Staring at their cubicle for the last 45 minutes of the day

Staring at the gal in the next cubicle for the last 45 minutes of the day who wouldn’t date them

So if someone needs to check their fantasy score on ESPN or look at a Pinterest board, let them do it.

 As long as they finish their work, who cares.

What is the harm of having listening to the Pitbull channel on Pandora? I think most people are more productive listening to music that they like, than hearing muliple plays of  Mister Mister’s “Broken Wings” on Muzak all day.

In retrospect, it is still hard to believe that a large money making entity like P&G has bandwidth issues. 

All of the money Procter and Gamble makes from Pampers and those high priced Gillette Fusion blades alone should be enough to buy some of the best bandwidth outside of the Silicon Valley.

Oh well, at least P&G employees can still watch those laughing babies on YouTube all day right?

Do you have Internet access at work? Can you watch YouTube and listen to Pandora?

What restrictions or non-restrictions do you have at the workplace?

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