The Three Reasons Why I Didn’t Buy iPhone 5

Last night as I watched people wait in line for the iPhone 5, I realized that there is no way I would wait overnight for a phone…well not unless Kerry Washington was handing them out.

So in the spirit of the the iPhone 5 launch, here are my three reasons why I didn’t hang out  with me fellow geeks to purchase Apple’s latest.

Black Friday is coming

Back when the first iPhone was released, I remembered the time when the marketing director of one of my consulting gigs proudly said that she made her husband wait in to get the iPhone.

A few months later, she was griping because they dropped the price by half for the holidays.

Lesson: Why buy something now, when you can get the same thing cheaper two months from now?

Is it really imperative that you have to get the iPhone now?

Just wait for a friend or co-worker to buy one first, then ask to try it out. You can then decide if want purchase it during Black Friday or keep your iPhone 4s and stick with the upgrades.

Either way, you still save a few bucks.

The phone is too damn high!

Ok, so I borrowed this line from The Rent Is Too Damn High  guy Jimmy McMillan, but the idea is the still the same, Apple products are quite expensive.

With so many smart phones on the market these days, you would think Apple would drop their prices.

Um, no.

By remaining expensive, Apple still retains brand strategy of being a top end item, however they continue to miss out on new customers who chooses other phones due to cost.

Lesson: While most smart phones pale in comparison to the iPhone, they have enough bells and whistles where you are not losing much and you have more money in your wallet.

Apple will never make a perfect iPhone

No doubt Apple makes a great phone, but its always funny when you hear from people who waited in the line to only complain about the phone’s glitches afterward.

Now you would think since Apple has some of the brightest minds in the tech game that the chances of any bugs would be non existent. However, it seems like each new Apple product has some kind of problem or a need for the consumer to buy an accessory for the new product.

I’m not saying Apple purposely turns a blind eye to their defects, but if they always made a perfect iPhone, why would you buy the new one?

Lesson: Apple will never make a perfect iPhone, so if you stand in line, don’t complain about afterward. You knew what you were getting into, when you brought your Hello Kitty sleeping bag to the Apple Store and sleeping next to a guy who bad batch of tacos and baking beans.

Now I will say that the only people I give exception to waiting in line for an iPhone are the ones who sell their spot in line for the highest bidder, there was one guy in particular  who raised money for Cancer for his selling spot in the U.K.

I think Steve Jobs would’ve liked that story.

So did you wait in line for the latest iPhone What was the experience like?

How were the people around you?

Did you like the phone once you got it out of the box?

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