Connect with the Like-Minded at Conferences Like CES 2013

As I watch the live stream of the Consumer Electronics Show from the frozen tunda of Akron, Ohio, I ooh and ahh over the new gadgets are being presented daily from the very warm climate of Las Vegas.

I equate CES like the “Tech Tony Awards” as I watch performances of an expensive Broadway show I can’t afford in 2013, but one I will see in 2014, when the cost-effective the traveling company comes to town. CES 2013 is the same as whatever expensive gadget I see this week, will eventually end up in my itchy fingers within the next few years as the low-cost  knock-off the versions end up at Target, Amazon or Best Buy.

However, putting cost aside, I love seeing the energy of CES 2013.

 I enjoy seeing people in their own element, smiling, talking, and connecting in a space of like-minded individuals. It’s the same reaction, I get when I see fellow comic book geeks attending Comic-Con.  

Whenever you are in a circle of people who think like you do, you become more relaxed because you have found a tribe that understands you.

When you explain your thoughts on the future death of Peter Parker in Spiderman #700 or the “Smart Hub” on Samsung’s Smart TV’S, that glazed look you get at home from most people has now been now replaced by wide-eyed interest, head nods and the trading of information that you didn’t know existed.  

This is not to say that you will connect with everyone at a conference, but when you attend one that focuses on your specific profession or interest, you no longer feel like you are alone in the universe.

For people who are shy, this is a great self-esteem builder and for people who are business savvy, the networking could lead to great success. (Check out Susan Murphy‘s “More Advice for the Shy” on Chris Borgan’s blog.)

 In both cases, your life has been enriched by connecting those who think like you.

The only downside however is that instead of meeting at them at Starbuck’s next week you have to Tweet, Skype or Google Hangout with them to stay connected; but at least the connection was made.

So as I continue to watch the live stream CES 2013 on CNET and UStream , I will be thinking of two things:

1.)    How much I need to save to buy that 110-inch TV from Big Lots on Black Friday in 2014.

2.)    What conference I would like to attend, so I can connect with more people who think like I do.

Question: What conference(s) are you planning on attending or would like to attend in2013?

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Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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