Set Goals with a Vision Board on Pinterest

Right before the new year, Cleveland media queen Leah Haslage and I were discussing goal setting.

I mentioned that I had written a list of goals on a white board that I see every morning.

Leah said she created a vision board, (which are images of things you would like to achieve).

I told her I made a vision board a few years ago, but being the impatient person that I am, it took a long time for some of those images to come true and it frustrated me.

I know, a vision doesn’t happen overnight, but Leah encouraged me to try again anyway.

As New Year’s came and went, Leah’s vision board idea was still on the back of my mind.

Yet, I couldn’t see myself going through the task finding images magazines and newspapers, cutting them out and tacking them on a cork board.

However, my thoughts on vision boards changed thanks to Anderson Cooper.

There was therapist was on his daytime talk show, who she was encouraging a woman to set goals for herself. As the segment ended she said, “you can even make a vision board on Pinterest”.

My eyes widened in an instant.

No more cutting and posting on a cork board and I can upload everything on Pinterest!

Now outside of a few social media jobs and my “Favorite Jheri Curls” board, I have done very little on Pinterest.

For brands like Home Depot and GQ Magazine, Pinterest is a great tool to promote products and it’s also a great way find images on your own interests, interior design, books ,fashion, etc.

However,  Pinterest and I have never really clicked on a regular basis…That is until the idea of the vision board came along, and I logged in for the first time in months!

As I sat there looking at my blank virtual board, I had no idea what to put on it.

Should I focus on short-term or long-term goals?

Should these images be realistic or something that seems out of reach out, but could actually happen one day?

I always had aspirations to visit New York City, so I found a picture of a NYC skyline and repinned.

My Pinterest vision board had officially started.

I then followed that up with images of my media heroes like Chris Rock, Charlie Rose and Howard Stern.

I was on my way.

Add an e-book here, a passport there, along with types of women I would like to date for good measure (don’t judge me) and I became a non-stop vision board making machine.

As I added my final images, which included quotes by Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan, Sandi Krawoski and Richard Branson, I realized that I had frantically posted 53 pins (images) within an hour! (Which is now 64 because I kept adding new images.)

This is not to say everything on my vision board will come true (except for you ladies) , but the process of creating the vision board gave me pictorial focus of what I could achieve.

In essence, vision boards are a great way to chart your goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If you achieve a goal, take that image off and/or add another.

If you don’t achieve any, you could some images or add different ones to give you more motivation.

Even if you are skeptical of creating a vision board like I was in the beginning, just make a board of 5-10 images..but don’t look at it again until the end of year.

Once you logged back onto Pinterest at year’s end, you might be surprised by what you actually achieved.

All because you took a few minutes to post an image that turned a dream into a reality.

Check out my Pinterest Vision Board here.

If you create a vision board, leave your link in the comment section below

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