How I Launched My Podcast Due to a Slight

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Last year this time I said it would be cool to launch a podcast.

I downloaded the free editing software Audacity.

I had my ideas for shows.

Then nothing happened…

Although I knew how to edit video, my only knowledge of editing audio was the big reel to reel tapes in college, I had no clue how to edit digital audio.

Plus, how should conduct my interview?

Skype, Blog Talk Radio or Google Hangout? I had no clue because I didn’t have any experience in any of them. I was lost, frustrated, confused…to quote Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman” “I got no place else to go!”

I decided to put podcasting on the backburner, while focusing on helping shape more social media campaigns  creating more blogging content.

Flash forward to early 2013 where  on Facebook there was local guy who was doing some work on NPR nationally saying he was looking for a person to co-host his new podcast show.

The idea of podcasting was still in me. This could be my way in to learn podcasting by simply being a co-host first.

I contacted the guy on Facebook and sent him a link to a Google Hangout I did before the holidays with my Digital Akron partner Sage Lewis .

No response.

A few weeks later, he was again saying he was looking for a co-host.

I sent another message, but this time he responded. He said,  “I got video and it was nice…but you’re not ready yet.”

Now I have heard this guy before and he’s pretty cool character, but its not like he was  Howard Stern, Michael Baisden or Garrison Keillor on the radio.

Although he had more experience than me, he was not better than me.

From that point on, my goal was to prove that guy wrong.

On my own with fire in my eyes, fingers and thumbs, I took a crash course of editing, music copyrights, podcast hosting as well come up with a solution out how to do interviews.

After staying up late nights, editing, saving, editing again, saving  and the re-editing, “The Digital Life of Kevin Lockett” podcast is finally here .

The show is everything that I love: pop culture, social media and talking to interesting people.


My first guest is TV20 Cleveland host and social media manager Leah Haslage  (you can read more about how Leah ended up as my first guest on my pop culture blog “Music is My Soul”).

Later on, I will  post my experiences on how I put the “Digital Life” podcast together, but today, I wanted to tell you my journey from how I pushed fear and doubt aside to flesh out a dream.

I went from a guy who had an idea but no podcast vision in 2012 to a guy who found his podcast vision in 2013 due to a slight.

I still might not be totally “ready yet” but I will be soon…very soon.

Follow The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast on the following channels:

About Kevin Lockett

Pop Culture loving, Digital Media championing, content creating dude from Akron. Reach me at or
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