Talking BlogTalk Radio and 2013 NFL Draft with Aki Jones

I am a BIG NFL Draft guy.

Yes, I am that guy who buys the draft guys every year who sits in front of the TV, Thursday night, Friday night and most of Saturday watching seven days of the draft. I know what you’re saying:

“Wow that sexy guy is living  the life”,” I know, right?

But seriously, I am true draft junkie and when you throw in Twitter  in the mix, I constantly checking to see who might go where.

So on episode three of the Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast,  I decided to interview Aki Jones from the NFL Draft Bible.

The digital slant of our discussion is that Aki and the NFL Draft Bible has a Blogtalk Radio show and YouTube Channel where they interviews players.

When I first started researching podcasting, Blogtalk was something I strongly considered, but I decided to pre-tape my interviews instead of going live.

Blogtalk Radio is actually a pretty good platform for podcasting, but the you can only upload shows 30 minutes and under for the free service and my first few podcasts were about 40 minutes each (learning how to edit out interesting content is one of the toughest things about podcasting, but its getting easier).

But enough of me jabbering away!

Click on the podcast below and take a listen to Aki Jones and I discuss Blogtalk video, the diference between podcast interviews vs video ones and the NFL Draft prospects for my long suffering Cleveland Browns.



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