Facebook Thoughts: Keith Lamont Scott

So plain clothes cops in a unmarked car are going to serve a warrant to someone and they allegedly see Keith Lamont Scott rolling a joint.

They get more police and they see that Scott has an ankle holster and may or may not have a gun (in a open carry state).

He gets out of his car, begins backs up with his hands down and now he’s dead.

The disturbing thing is that instead of going after the person with the warrant, the plain clothes police went after the guy who was about to smoke marijuana (allegedly).

So he died over WEED???

What happened to person who had the warrant in the first place???

In contrast, Dylan Roof killed nine people in a church in South Carolina and he was arrested in North Carolina without incident.

I guess the moral of the story is if you shoot up a church, you can go to Burger King , but if you roll a joint, you will end you dead.


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