In Honor of Rihanna

I always marvel at music acts like the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen & The E. Street band, who basically play a different set list on any given night.

After watching her recent performances at the MTV Music Awards and the Global Citizens Festival, Rihanna is also that type of artist.

Now before people call blasphemy for comparing RiRi to Mick, Keith, Eddie and Bruce, the fact is that Rihanna has been one of the best hitmakers out of the iTunes generation.

From “Pom De Relay” to “Where Have You Been” to “Werk”, Rihanna has skillfully been able to not only choose the right songs but to also to the knack to ride a trend early (“We Fell in Love”) and get out early at the right time to try something else  (“Four Five Seconds”).

Even Sir Mick Jagger would tell you that being creative is not good enough.

You have to be able to not only give an audience what they want, but also give them something they didn’t know they needed.

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