It’s Time To Respect Dwayne Johnson


The Emmys was only a few weeks ago, there is an actor, whose never comes up, but should be considered for next year’s award season: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Now while The Rock’s epic rants during his “WWE” wrestling days, should have at least garnered a special Emmy on its own, Johnson’s current role as retired NFL turned financial manager Spencer Strasmore on HBO “Ballers” has given Johnson the freedom to flex the dramatic skills that we sparingly get to see in his big budget films with Vin Diesel or Kevin Hart.

If there is one clip Emmy voters should see is the recent “Ballers” season finale as a hungover Strasmore (Johnson) apologizes to former NFL teammate Eddie George for losing his money and friendship, in front of the NFL rookie symposium.

Nevermind that in reality, it would take great stones for a retired player to make that type of admission, you feel for the dazed and ruffled Strasmore as he achingly tries to right wrong of a friend from the past, while wondering if this admission will destroy his career financial manager in the future.

The camera work and Johnson’s honesty was so convincing that the scene feels more like a clip from HBO’s NFL documentary Hard Knocks, than a scripted TV show,” (where you Liev Schreiber for the voice over?)

Given that the only HBO shows Emmy voters seem to only like these days is “VEEP” and “John Oliver,” “Ballers” will probably not get much, if any Emmy love.

But for my money, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is proving every year that WWE rants were just the beginning of a stellar career that was once improbable, but continues to become legendary each and every year.





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