Money, Not Education Led To Bought Betsy Devos’ Confirmation

Every Congress person who voted for Betsy DeVos, basically disrespected every public school teacher who ever taught them.

Just confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos,  leveraged her donations to the GOP into a cabinet position that she woefully unqualified to serve. Unless there is campaign finance reform, conservative billionaires will continue to influence our decision makers.

People of color, liberals, progressives and democrats need to learn that along with protests and voting, donating has to become a bigger tool in their fight to point our country not backwards.

This does not mean buying  seats like DeVos, but align yourself with politicians and decision makers who will fight for people and not be influenced by a select few.

The best thing that Betsy DeVos can do now is not become the disastrous Secretary of Education that people think she will become and actually craft an education reform agenda that makes a difference.

However, given her track record in Michigan is less than inspiring, DeVos’ confirmation does not bode well for our country.

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