About Kevin

You can call me a “Social Media Connector”,  a “Digital Media Producer”, a “Pop Culture Junkie” , “The Duke The Tweets”, or you can simply call me the name my mom got from a  Ouija board, Kevin.

I’ve been involved with social media  since I saw author David Meerman Scott present the topic in 2008 and I have been Ohio’s version of Johnny Mnemonic ever since!

During the day, I help people with social media strategy and their digital media needs as well as teach a course in social media.

At night, I manage other blogs including this one, Kevinlockett.com  which basically is my look at digital media and life in general.  Kevinlockett.com used to be a social media only blog, but what was  the fun in that??

Unless we’re all Johnny Mnemonic’s plugged into a computer 24/7, we like things digital and un-digital, so KevinLockett.com 2.0 was reborn in 2013

My other blog is my pride and joy and as well as my very first, Soul88.com, which is all things pop culture.I tell people if Robin Leach had  the Hip Hop feel of 2Pac in the 21st century, it would be Soul88.com (I also have another blog “Its A Sub“, which takes a look at the education system and my stint as a teacher).

When you leave KevinLockett.com,  check out the videos I produced on youtube.com/lockettmedia as well as follow me on Twitter/com/KevinLockett and  Pinterest.com/kevinlockett

If you have any questions, please contact me Lockettmedia@gmail.com and  kazwire@yahoo.com.

Feel free to reach out as well as if you would like to guest blog.

Have an great day!

Kevin Lockett

1 Response to About Kevin

  1. maven social says:

    I love your positive attitude and zest for life – really shines through!

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